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The Giclée print has gained the admiration and respect of artists, photographers, graphic designers, and perhaps most importantly, the buying public.

Used by the Louvre Museum in Paris to substitute original works of art too fragile to exhibit, Giclée prints are known in the art world by the French word "Giclée." Giclée prints stand out because of their uncompromising fidelity and fineness of detail and graduation. With a resolution of 1800 dpi, the printer uses a continuous stream of minute ink droplets about the size of red blood cells to deposit the ink. Results are close to continuous tone prints.

When printed on archival art papers and canvas, the Giclée has the look and feel of original fine art.

Some of the advantages of Giclée reproductions:

  • You can order prints as needed without large up-front obligations and storage problems associated with traditional lithography. (This allows you to test market a new idea or image. You would continue to use to use a traditional lithographer for mass production of images or large limited editions).
  • Giclée reproductions are the perfect medium for established and emerging artists, allowing you much better control of your cash flow.
  • You can order just one reproduction to matte and frame as a display piece, then order more as requests come in!
  • The technology provides incredible detail and brilliant color. The resolution (dpi or dots per inch) are actually higher than traditional lithography (1800 dpi for IRIS Giclée as opposed to 300 dpi for lithographs) which shows crisp contrast with rich, intense color. When canvas prints are treated with acrylic varnish, you can even paint on top of the image to produce another individual original piece.
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