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LGI Publishing copyright 2007-08 LGI Publishing copyright 2007-08 LGI Publishing copyright 2007-08 LGI Publishing copyright 2007-08

Letter from The Publisher

Fine Art Publishing has a ten year history of high quality giclée reproductions and innovative art related products. We would like to introduce you to our new 7,000 sq. ft. Artisan Centre in Stony Plain, Alberta and our member artists.
LGI is located in the heart of the last western frontier, north of Calgary and it's famous Calgary Stampede, and west of Edmonton - the gateway to North America's largest oilfield deposits. The artists represented by LGI in this catalogue capture the true essence of this last horizon.
Graham Flatt, world famous western artist, captures the sun, wind, snow and rain along with the dreams and hardships of the frontier. It has been quoted that when you can feel the wind in your hair and the rain on your  face you are viewing a Graham Flatt painting.
Diana Lockie brings out a mirror on our past as her monochromatic depictions of an era long ago are truly an antique window into our heritage.
Dean McLeod, Shirley Stewart and Darlene Konduc show the beauty of the western frontier with landscapes and still lives depicting our great west.
We hope you are inspired by the work of these and our other artists in  this catalogue.
You may use our website or call us with your order

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